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Is your Chevy ready to take on the brutal winter storms? It takes more than just a scraper and brush to be fully prepared for snow and ice. For optimal safety, it is crucial to utilize winter tires and winter wipers in harsh and cold weather conditions.

Winter Tires
There are tires specifically built to help you safely navigate through the icy winter months.

What’s the difference? Winter tires provide enhanced:

  • Flexibility - the soft rubber compound remains flexible even in freezing temperatures, leading to better handling
  • Traction - a different tread pattern featuring wider grooves allow for better traction on icy and snowy roads
  • Handling - these aforementioned attributes lead to overall better handling for a safer ride in the winter

Winter Wipers
Winter blades are specifically made to be effective and last through harsh winter conditions.

What’s the difference? Winter wipers are:

  • Stronger - thicker than standard wipers and thus carry more weight and keep the windshield clear
  • Longer lasting - feature tear-resistant rubber components that make them more durable to withstand freezing cold temperature

Make sure you are fully prepared for the long winter ahead. If you have not installed your winter tires and winter wipers, your check list is still incomplete! Keep your family safe this winter as you venture through the ice and snow. Visit your local Chevy dealer today to get your winter tires and wipers installed.

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