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Designers of the 2019 Camaro were faced with the ultimate challenge: create the same beautiful design as previous models around a smaller and lighter body. The result? The 2019 Camaro, sculpted to perfection.

This model brings drivers a smaller, wider, more athletic shape than the vehicle’s predecessors, after shedding about 390 pounds. Where can we find that diet!?

The new model brings drivers better performance:

  • More responsive breaking
  • Better attack in and out of corners
  • Improved airflow
  • More noble performance

And an improved look (which many didn’t think was possible):

  • More pronounced fastback profile and rear quarter panels
  • Wider opening and precise draft angle on the grille
  • “Reverse mohawk” channel on the roof
  • Lift-reducing stanchion spoiler
  • Interior premium materials, rich textures and beautiful tailored stitching

When someone asks you to improve on greatness, what do you do? You could laugh. You could argue. Chevy got to work. Visit your local Chevy dealer to see the beauty first hand.

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